1 year of blogging: Best PR Student Blogger 2017

1 year of blogging: Best PR Student Blogger 2017

I hadn’t even realised until the other day that my blog is now a year old. In all honesty, I feel like I have cheated a bit saying that – I originally started out as LifeofaPRstudent but I have been blogging for a year.

When I realised that I was hitting this anniversary, I thought back to my first few months of blogging. I was always so nervous when I posted a piece of writing. It took me a long while to even attempt to publish a PR related post. I was constantly worried that people would hate my blog and somebody would comment saying ‘I hate this’ or ‘this is awful’. I am a self-confessed people pleaser so during these first few months I was so nervous and even one view would get me so excited. As I’ve said before, I used to have a fear of people reading my writing.

But oh how different things are now. I enjoy publishing content and my confidence has grown so much. This blog has helped me to realise that it is ok to be you. You won’t always please everyone but confidence is the key. It’s given me the confidence to be the person I want to be.

I was getting ready to publish this 1-year anniversary post when I got a notification that has well and truly made my year. You see, since November I have been taking part in the #bestPRblogs competition. And today, this blog was named Britain’s Best PR Student Blog 2017.

I am still completely in shock. When I started my blog, I never thought it would be where it is today. Part of me didn’t have the confidence in my writing so why I felt this way kind of makes sense. I remember thinking to myself ‘are people really going to want to read my thoughts?’. But I am so glad I persevered because I am so proud of how this blog and I have grown over this past year.

Because in one year I have won a blog award. Not only this but gained incredible feedback, got to know some incredible industry professionals, learnt so much about the industry and found a love for writing. This love for writing is something that will stay with me forever. Not only this, but I have something to talk about. Somewhere for my thoughts to go and something different about me.

So really, this blog has helped me to realise my future whilst uncovering a love for something which will stay with me forever.

So here’s to the next year! May it be as good as this one!

(For those eagle-eyed readers, yes, I have neglected it recently (oops). But exams and coursework come first and I’m now in my final week of second year. So fear not, all will be resumed very soon!)

See the other finalists and more information about the competition here….


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  1. May 31, 2017 / 9:49 pm

    As Heather Yaxley explained, we like reading your blog because you take us along with you. To watch your growing confidence has been something special.

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