A faultless guide on becoming an ‘adult’

A faultless guide on becoming an ‘adult’

It’s one of those things we all have to face up to. So I decided to create a faultless guide on how to ‘adult’.

Step 1:

You can’t.

Being in my second year at University, I have had many instances where I feel like a ‘proper adult’. Throughout many of these instances I did wish I was at home and my parents could sort them out for me. Moving out, sorting bills, rent, house maintenance, cooking for yourself and putting the bins out…! There we have it ladies and gents, adulthood is actually remembering which days the bins go out. Not waking every Thursday morning thinking ‘I should have put the bins out but there’s always next week’ until next week becomes next week and you hit a minor rubbish crisis.

I’ve come to the conclusion that adulthood is a term that is so overused. When I was in school, people who were 20 were ‘proper adults’. They all had their own lives and seemed to be absolutely bossing adult life. I am 20 in around 5 months and I feel very far from being ‘an adult’. Getting nearer to my twenties is scary though. I won’t be a teenager anymore and soon the impending voyage of adulthood is going to hit me. I also move to London in 4 months – It’s going to happen.

The word adult. It’s just a bit daunting as a word. I feel like there is a social pressure associated with it.

But what does being an adult even mean??

There will be loads of definitions on what people think an adult is. Everyone’s perception will be different. I feel like the term ‘growing up’ and ‘adulthood’ puts pressure on us. There is a pressure to know what you want to do. To know which path you want to take in life and exactly how to get there. To have our whole lives planned out. To follow society’s unwritten rules and become this idyllic responsible adult.

You could say that I am one of the lucky ones. I have found an industry which I have fallen in love with. But I hate the fact that turning 20 automatically classes you as an ‘adult’. Why can’t we just enjoy being young without any expectations to have everything sorted out? Sometimes it does just take others longer but as long as we are all happy, that is the main thing. As much as many of us don’t want it to, adulthood will come….it’s going to. But my perception of it is to be happy and to do things I enjoy. I might not fit into someone elses definition of being an ‘adult’ at times, but as long as I am happy….well I guess that is bossing it.

Just don’t burn anything down or forget to pay your rent. That’s kind of the important ‘adult’ stuff.

Oh, and if you manage to get bin day right, all your bills right, nothing wrong with the house, you exercise and eat well then congratulations. You really have made it.

The rest of us will catch up eventually. Or catch up when we make our own minds up about what being an adult actually means to us.




  1. April 7, 2017 / 3:48 pm

    The thing about the bins is SO true; I’ve not taken my bins out for more days than I’d like to admit… Students really do make ridiculous amounts of rubbish! Ha! Great post – adulting can be rather tricky!

    • Lucy
      April 12, 2017 / 7:46 pm

      Haha – I knew it wasn’t just me! Even though we were on the third floor, it still was a lot of effort 😉 Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed reading it!

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