Back to blogging basics

Back to blogging basics
Oh hello again…


Excuse me whilst I dust the cobwebs off this site, it has been a while. It has been a while since I’ve spent time on this site writing. It has been a while since I’ve written full stop and you could say I have sort of lost my writing mojo. Working in PR has somehow knocked my confidence in my own writing and I couldn’t help but compare my work to the amazing things I was reading every day – typical me. I began to question my own content and chose not to post. Sure after time, it became a chore to write and that was never my intention. Looking back, I started this blog to get my thoughts and ideas off my chest. There are always questions floating about in my mind and this blog helped me to think and express those thoughts whilst tackling my fear of people reading my writing. I even managed to win a national award which I surprised myself with. People read my content. Industry professionals including CEO’s read my blog – that part is a bit crazy. I was offered experience from a CEO of a global agency who found me through my writing, contacted me and the rest is history. I started my blog for that. To share my thoughts with the world and meet new people with similar interests, not for the numbers. I created my own network to share my experiences and meet new people. And you could say I’ve missed that writing journey. It’s just not been the easiest thing to get back into I guess.

So the blog will be back (all being well) for this academic year, I’ve just got to put a few things in place first. The past month has not been the time to do any of that. And that’s another thing. This blog is meant to be something I do in my spare time, and at the moment I don’t have much of that due to a number of things. But I do have some exciting content in my head (including a new series, woah, who said that?!) that I can’t wait to share I just need to find a time just like now where all I want to do is write and plan (but preferably during the day or a time when I don’t have an essay to write or social media to analyse). I’ve had a lot of personal things to deal with and final year has come on me like a literal tonne of bricks, I finally understand the definition. It’s just not been the time to be creative. I’ve thought more about a rebrand and what the blog could look like than content, first things first Luce.


Take it back a second, final year, when did that happen?

Hang on, where has this come from? I never thought I’d get to uni and now I’m here. The final year. Dissertations. I’m almost at the end.

I’m old.

Jokes. But how has it been three years since naive little old me started studying Public Relations? A subject I thought I knew about until those first few weeks where I questioned everything. I remember being tasked with creating a PR campaign in my very first week on my *very* limited knowledge of the industry. It had something to do with a flash mob in a shopping centre….I’m not too sure and am cringing at past me so let’s quickly glide over that one.

I started University with a dream to pass, get a good placement with a job at the end and walk off into the sunset – cliche, but come off we’ve all been there with such high hopes at 18. I wanted a good placement but never imagined L’Oreal would be where I ended up. Its funny what happens when you least expect it. Three other internships thrown into the mix too and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and you could say by this point I should be believing in myself a bit more.

This degree has become so much more than a subject to me. It is something that has intrigued and challenged me whilst consistently encouraging my mind to grow and follow the things I love. It has opened my eyes to fascinating topics and an incredible industry. A subject that has taught me a lot about myself, provided me with the most amazing life experiences and moulded me to be the person I am today.

Then again, I’m not going to lie and say my University experience has been everything I wanted it to be because that would be lying. I’ve failed an exam had my fair share of girl drama, personal and family issues but I’ve made it. And I’m so proud to be here. But we aren’t quite done yet.

One month of final year down and the transition is an interesting one. It’s very weird to be back, it feels like an age since I was last here. In some ways, that’s true. Everyone was a different person before placement, that kind of experience changes everyone. Navigating back into student life has equally been an interesting one, but that’s one for another time.

Final year is well and truly here. Hello deadlines (help).

I want this blog to be a part of my year this time, I miss writing. So I’m going back to basics. Back to what I started out to do. Look out for an exciting series kicking off soon and more content (hopefully) following when I’ve put some plans in place….

Final year, let’s go.


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