#BestPRBlog – Why I blog: My motivation to succeed

#BestPRBlog – Why I blog: My motivation to succeed

Last week, I was a bit overwhelmed to find out that I had been shortlisted by Richard Bailey for Britain’s best PR student blog. After reading the shortlist, I decided to do what I love doing and reflect back on why I started LucyEmily and what I’ve learnt…..but also what motivates me to keep this blog going.

(This post is going to be really similar to another one that I had planned to go up soon so keep your eyes peeled!)


Back to the beginning


The journey to LucyEmily started around a year ago.

It was around a year ago when I went to a careers in PR conference. It was this conference which really inspired me to start pushing myself to start a career in the PR industry. I left the day inspired and with two tips. The first being to gain as much experience as I can and the second being to blog/write lots. From this conference, I gained my work experience but still with a blog at the back of my mind.

It was only at the end of first year when I decided to bite the bullet and create my blog. A place for my thoughts and feelings to go, a place for me to reflect. A place for these things to be shared. And if I will be honest with you all, I had never considered it would ever get to the point that it is at today. I was always so nervous that I would get hit by the ‘grammar police’ and people would just hate my posts. I didn’t set out to write about PR either, my naive self had just aimed for it to be an ‘everything’ blog.

The blog did go a bit silent over summer whilst I was still finding my blogging voice and finding a path for my blog to take. But once I had found my blogging voice, I fell in love with blogging. I discovered the #BestPRblogs competition and kept getting compliments showing me that I was doing something right. Then in January 2017, I decided to bite the bullet (again) and change my site to LucyEmily.

But you see, the thing about me is that I am always looking ahead. That is just who I am and there is a very good reason for that. I have something in my life which motivates me to succeed but that is for another post coming soon! I want to be someone. I want to make something of myself. I crave achievement. I’m ambitious. This blog fuels me.

The one conference I went to inspired me to make something of myself. Inspired me to keep achieving and I strongly believe that the conference, my work experience and the other thing in my life are a large part of what motivates me. Because the thing is, my need to succeed is motivation enough. I am an inquisitive person who loves to ramble so a blog is a perfect way to do this. There is something nice about sharing my thoughts with the world.

I’m so proud of the fact that my first post was on May 31st last year, it’s now April 2017 and I have been shortlisted for an award. That to me is such an amazing achievement. But writing for LucyEmily has taught me so much. So what have I learnt?


What have I learnt?


I couldn’t possibly list what I have learnt onto one post. I’m always learning with this blog. Learning about myself and the industry. But I’ve listed some of the biggest lessons….

1. It’s ok to be you

I’ve always been someone who is self-conscious. Always worried what everyone thinks. Even now, I am still worried about what people think of my blog. But I am so much better than I used to be. This blog has taught me that it is ok to be you. A blog is personal and you aren’t going to please everyone. But you will find those who do enjoy it, and that is the main thing.

2. Networking

Before I started my #ThursdayThought series, I was only touching the surface in regards to finding and interacting with people in the industry. Since starting the series, I have spoken with some amazing people from the industry. I have recieved amazing advice, insights and made links with people that I would never have made links with before this blog. I strongly believe that networking is so important and this blog has opened up opportunities to talk to and learn from amazing industry professionals.

3. Learning through writing

From networking, and immersing myself in the industry, I have learnt so much. I had never considered how much I could learn from this experience. I’ve become much more aware of things that happen within the industry. My knowledge and interests have widened. In the last few weeks at uni, I have seen my knowledge grow so much from merely blogging and keeping a closer eye on the industry.

4. Writing skills

I would be lying if I said that my writing skills hadn’t improved. It’s not just my skills but my writing confidence. Before I started my blog, I hated showing anybody anything I had written. Don’t ask me why but I just got so worried about sharing my written content. I knew that I needed to build up my confidence as I was going into PR. The difference between now and then is incredible. Yes, I am no grammar expert, but I can see a huge improvement in the way that I write in more aspect than one. It has helped so much. It has helped me find my voice.

So after those little lessons, I thought I would finish this post with my biggest lesson…..

Finding my goals

When I started out in first year, the end goal was ‘just to work in PR’. It was based on a thought that I would suit the PR industry. This blog has helped me to understand and uncover the industry that I want to go into. The feedback from this blog has helped me to realise that my goals are reachable. They aren’t something that will remain a dream. They can really happen. Each blog post puts me one step closer to where I want to be.

Because at the end of the day, entering any industry isn’t easy. But my blog fuels my need to succeed. It’s a place for my thoughts to go. A place for me to ramble at my own pace. It’s mine and it’s improving me day by day. It’s my future.


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