Being a Millennial is easy – ‘it was harder back in the day’

I was scrolling through Facebook today when I came across this video. If you haven’t seen it already I would really recommend watching it. I couldn’t help but not write a post about it…. View the video here The video seemed to be going viral with people stating how he had ‘NAILED what it means to be a Millennial’. So obviously, I watched the video wondering what exactly his opinion was. It is one of the most misunderstood generations after all. But the video was based on looking at the generation as if everyone was educated in the same way, had equal opportunities and more. I found myself wholeheartedly agreeing with some parts and completely disagreeing with others. Trying to find jobs today is hard – even intern jobs. Viewing job descriptions where you need more experience or more qualifications. Needing more than what we have. We are growing up in with such an uncertain look on adulthood and further. ‘Are we good enough? Will we get jobs which we will be happy in? Cue the response questions saying ‘You knew what you were going into’ and ‘Just take any job and be grateful’. It’s become engrained in our heads that we should have to start at the very bottom in order to reach any success. Start at the bottom if we want any hope of reaching the property ladder or any hope of a retirement plan. This cloud of doubt has made us grow up with the ‘I’m fine’…

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A faultless guide on becoming an ‘adult’

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January: It’s time to go back to …

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2016 – it’s a wrap folks

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