End of Year 2: new beginnings

It has been crazy but I have finally come to the end of my second year at University – what a year. It has been crazy, busy and extremely difficult at times but one of the most rewarding years of education I think I have had. But what is next? I do have a plan – don’t fret! As some of you may or not be aware of, my degree is a sandwich degree and therefore, I will be spending a year working in my industry. Today, I move to London ready to start my placement year. I have been lucky enough to secure a PR & Comms placement with L’Oreal UK & I. I cannot wait to join the team and see what working in an in-house team is like – my last work experience was agency so I will be interested to see the differences! And seeing as I had a spare week before I start, I have managed to squeeze an extremely exciting internship in just before I start. It is an incredible opportunity so stay tuned for more… I might not have a summer but I am excited to see what the future holds during these internships I have lined up. Seeing as I am now moving on to a new beginning, I decided to write a few tips for anyone going into second year. This is similar to my ‘Second Year Truths‘ post but I thought I would re-write the list now I am at the end with my…

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Time for a change

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