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Back to blogging basics

Oh hello again…   Excuse me whilst I dust the cobwebs off this site, it has been a while. It has been a while since I’ve spent time on this site writing. It has been a while since I’ve written full stop and you could say I have sort of lost my writing mojo. Working in PR has somehow knocked my confidence in my own writing and I couldn’t help but compare my work to the amazing things I was reading every day – typical me. I began to question my own content and chose not to post. Sure after time, it became a chore to write and that was never my intention. Looking back, I started this blog to get my thoughts and ideas off my chest. There are always questions floating about in my mind and this blog helped me to think and express those thoughts whilst tackling my fear of people reading my writing. I even managed to win a national award which I surprised myself with. People read my content. Industry professionals including CEO’s read my blog – that part is a bit crazy. I was offered experience from a CEO of a global agency who found me through my writing, contacted me and the rest is history. I started my blog for that. To share my thoughts with the world and meet new people with similar interests, not for the numbers. I created my own network to share my experiences and meet new people. And you…

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