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Myths of PR – the new must-read for PR students

As I’ve mentioned before, studying a PR degree is ‘one of those degrees’. It’s one of those degrees in which you set yourself up for four years of people asking you what exactly it is you study. If a minor miracle happens and people do know what PR is, the unfortunate likelihood is, most of them will have the wrong idea. So you can imagine why, after this, I was incredibly happy to be able to get a copy of the incredible new book, Myths of PR  by none other than Rich Leigh. This is a post on my new found love for this book and why I personally think that every single PR student should read and learn from it. Myths of PR does what it says on the tin. Unfortunately, PR is an industry which holds many myths and misconceptions to it. Things that people presume it to be which are in turn, ruining PR’s reputation. Effectively, PR’s PR problem. Rich looks and tackles these myths head on. Myths including ‘PR is all spin, smokescreens and lies’ and ‘PR is glamorous’ to issues such as ‘Gender wage gap figures’. The basics This book starts with one hell of an introduction. If anybody ever wants to know what it is you study, direct them to this introduction first and then get them to read on. When I first started my degree, I struggled to explain what PR was. I had it sorted in my head but just couldn’t quite explain…

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