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#ThursdayThought on using Social Media and Influencers in PR with Satyen Dayal

I was so excited when Satyen Dayal agreed to take part in my #ThursdayThought series. Satyen is a Senior Director at Edelman, London. He studied on the BA Public Relations programme at Bournemouth University before heading into the PR industry. He now holds over 15 years experience in the industry, working in the tech space whilst aiming to ‘champion digital transformation’. This week, the topic of my mind was social media and influencers in PR. Social Media is continuing to grow and I was intrigued to find out what Satyen thought this meant for PR’s future. Not only this but seeing as Satyen is a Bournemouth alumni, I was intrigued to hear what he loves about PR and his top tips….. LE: How has social media changed PR? Satyen: Our social media lead, Matt Carrington recently reminded us that social is “all about the audience”. For me, this is one thing that remains unchanged in PR. Social media has brought us much closer to the audience. This makes it a powerful medium for PR professionals. It often also renders us powerless. The important thing to understand is that social media is still in its infancy. Society is still learning how to use this medium and so is PR. Hence, we are only at the beginning of the change. LE: Do you think that there will be an end or decline in traditional media relations if social media continues to grow? Satyen: This is a hotly debated question. It was only the other day I…

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