Week 3 – the next chapter

Wow. Three weeks is over – I can’t actually believe how fast that has gone. I really don’t want this whole experience to end – I can’t put it into words how amazing my time at Frank has been. This week started off with a meeting with my mentor. I was a bit worried about it, just incase she had bad news or something! But I was so wrong! Firstly, my mentor is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. Since I started three weeks ago, she’s essentially taken me ‘under her wing’ and helped me so much. It wasn’t a formal ‘meeting’ we just grabbed some coffee and talked for a bit. She gave me such lovely compliments and I am still really touched by what she said. Like I said in my last post, it is so nice to know you are doing a good job, especially considering how nervous I was at the start. She said that they are really going to miss me and they want me to come back which is amazing and more than I could’ve wanted her to say. This little chat really boosted my confidence for this week, just knowing that little old me has actually impressed them and they like me enough to want me to stay. Finally, it was so nice to sit down with her and have a chat just us two, away from the office! I spent my final week researching, finding more influencers, outreaching to…

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Week 2 – the confidence builder

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Week 1 – worth it or not?

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The inevitable question – what is PR and why?

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Post no.1

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