Happy New Year to me: placement success….

Photograph by Lucy Hayball, 2016

Big news for the blog this week. After many trips up to London, interviews and interview prep, I can finally say that I now have my placement.

After spending a long day at L’Oreal’s HQ in London I am lucky enough to have landed myself a PR & Comms Internship.

I still can’t quite believe it. It hasn’t truly sunk in yet. I have been dreaming of a PR internship in London for so long and now I am achieving my dream – it doesn’t seem quite real. It is still hard to believe that I am going to be working in PR for a leading global beauty organisation. Not only this but I will be moving to London in June for a whole year…..London….6 months time….a year?!

The actual assessment day was tough although I didn’t expect it to be easy. I just went in there and did the best I could whilst showing them the person I was.

I left feeling that I did the best I could – after all, that is all I ask from an interview.

To go away feeling like I’ve learnt and have improved upon my interview technique.

I couldn’t have done that badly though, I got the job!

A placement year was one of the main reasons I chose Bournemouth University in the first place. Graduate jobs are so competitive as it is, so to have a year’s worth of experience at L’Oreal on my CV is going to be crucial for me. My placement year is going to be a chance to learn from industry professionals and find out more about PR. It will give me something to talk about in interviews and something that will make me stand out from the crowd.

I feel so lucky and grateful to have been offered this position. I’ve sent out many emails and spent quite a while looking for the placements that are ‘me’. L’Oreal was the second formal interview process I went through so you could say that I have been extremely lucky to have been offered a position. It was really daunting applying to such a huge organisation, after all they can be picky.

What if I’m not what they want? What if I’m not good enough? 

But putting all of that aside, I am so glad that I have done it because I have landed a dream job.

The 2:30am start for my assessment day was worth it. I am going to spend a year with L’Oreal and I can’t actually wait. All the hard work well and truly paid off.

Bring on June – L’Oreal, I am coming for you.



  1. January 12, 2017 / 3:20 pm

    Well done you! And 2.30am sounds more like a late night than an early start.

    • January 12, 2017 / 4:33 pm

      Thank you, Richard!! It definitely felt like that!

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