Have we, as a society given social media too much power?

Have we, as a society given social media too much power?

Social Media is such a huge part of daily life. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr – you name it, most people have at least one account for some form of social media. Many of us will check one at least once a day. It’s a way to keep up to date with friends, family and share parts of our lives with the world. But has social media crossed the line in the concept of our dependence on it and how we ultimately feel about ourselves?

This is a debate that has always interested me. It’s one that is regularly brought up at University and I love to think about it. The rise of social media in recent years has seen us share many parts of our lives with others. A once foreign term of a ‘selfie’ has also become a norm for social media. An opportunity for our friends, family and followers to ‘like’ or ‘favourite’ photos of ourselves. But one thing that I’ve always thought, is surely this has to affect our self-esteem at some point? Have we, as a society given too much power to a ‘like’ or a ‘favourite’?                                                          //                                                                                                                    //
Growing up, I found myself a victim (yes, I will admit it) to the power of the like button. Whenever I pressed post, I felt a bit intimidated towards the like system. This was never a huge issue but after talking to a few people, it seems it does exist.                                                         //                                                                                                                    //
Some people do feel the need to get a number of likes or favourites to feel ‘pretty’ or good about themselves. Or even if we don’t set out in this way, it makes you feel better. But if you don’t get many ‘likes’ or ‘favourites’, does that make you any less than the people you connect with? It leads me to question that is this the reason why many people grow up feeling so self conscious? Or why many of us feel the need to wear makeup, or the latest fashion trends etc to conform to society’s standard of a like? To put things on social media to create a front to society of the people we want to be? I’m in no way saying this is exactly what happens but it’s interesting to re-evaluate the power of social media.                                                         //                                                                                                                    //
I just can’t help but question is this why we are so self conscious and not confident in ourselves. Or maybe it’s because we are constantly bombarded with photos from the media that are considered ‘beautiful’ and ‘acceptable’?  That maybe we feel like we have to match these expectations and have forgotten our own self confidence along the way.                                  //                                                                                                                    //
Not just this, but our reliance on social media too. I’m in no way saying that social media is a bad thing, I am a social media freak. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, I love it all and I spend too much of my day loosing myself in the streams of posts. I love how it connects people and the general idea of it all. But before I know it, I’ve wasted minutes, sometimes hours just scrolling my life away. Sometimes when I go out or have a nice meal I’ll think ‘oh, I’ll just Snapchat this’. Looking around a restaurant, there are always a handful of people sat on their phones. All of us, bombarding ourselves with parts of other people’s lives. Has this transition taken away the socialisation part of society because we’d rather show everyone online? Or is it just another positive way to share parts of our lives?                                                          //                                                                                                                    //
Or is this just another thing for over complicaters like me to think over?  Or actually something to think more about, after all, what is a like?!                                                         //                                                                                                                    //
If you’ve got to the end of this post I’m impressed. But it’s food for thought eh..?! Who knows! Just another debate that my media brain has been mulling over for a while which I thought I’d share!                                                          //                                                                                                                    //
Luce xo                                                          //                                                                                                                    //
P.S – Sorry for the weird paragraph formatting – I’m trying to fix it!!

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