January: It’s time to go back to it all

January: It’s time to go back to it all

January. I always dislike going back to school or University after Christmas and New Year. Both days are over so quickly and before you know it, it is back to the land of education for exams and coursework. What a way to start the year eh?! But the deadlines are here and here I am typing away trying to get it all finished.

Luckily for you, this blog is not a ‘New Year, New Me’ post. I prefer to set myself goals for the New Year rather than a resolution to eat less chocolate which will be broken and forgotten about after a week. I always plan and think ahead, I can’t not. I always have looked to the next thing and had a goal in mind. I live by to do lists and quite frankly, I’d be lost without them. So seeing as this is the first post of this year, I thought that I would write myself a 2017 ‘to do list’.

The 2017 ‘To Do List’

(Or I ‘hope’ to do list)

1. Keep this blog up

Like I said before, I never thought that this blog would get as many views as it has. But I am so pleased and have absolutely loved blogging on here. Don’t get me wrong though, some weeks it is really hard to stay on schedule and post every week. Assignments take over and I feel bad for doing anything other than my assignments. But throughout 2017 I want to keep blogging as much as I possibly can.

 2. Grow my blog

This follows on from the last post but I want to grow this blog more. I achieved 2,000 views in 6 months but this year I want to grow it even more. I’ve loved writing on here and I want more people to be able to read and interact with my ramblings.

3. Pass my second year with a 2:1 or higher

I’ve been working twice as hard this year and the work has been a huge step up. But I am determined to achieve a 2:1 or higher for second year.

4. Start my placement

It’s crazy to think that I will start my placement this year. THIS YEAR…?! It’s come around so incredibly quickly and it doesn’t seem real that I could be working in PR, my dream in less than 6 months.

5. Create a photo journal / do something creative

A few years ago, I made a photo journal but I’ve kind of stopped doing it. I am a photo hoarder so creating a photo journal was the perfect thing for me. My photos finally have a use and I can be creative.

6. Build more of a brand for my blog

I’ve started to build a personal brand but I want it to follow across into this blog. I’m not keen on the appearance of this blog so hopefully this year I can merge it all together well!

7. Keep using my own photos for my posts

So far, only one post included a photo which I did not take myself  (Brangelina – the biggest thing to happen this September?). I’ve loved using my own photographs and I want to continue doing so.

8. Immerse myself in more media related posts…….

This final point is the biggest thing for me. PR, Communications, Media or anything in that area is what I am interested in. I want to immerse myself in more news and activity so that I can write frequent posts about it. I really enjoy it all so I definitely want more of those posts this year.

Does anyone else have any goals for 2017?

Luce xo



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