Time for something new: A new exciting blog series is on its way!

Lucy Hayball, LucyEmily.co.uk

This month has been ‘one of those months’. Full of plenty of ups and downs. I’m not going to go into it, it just has.

I love my blog and writing about what is on my mind, I really do. But this month has just been ‘the month’ where I’ve struggled to come up with content. Maybe I should rephrase that to ‘being inspired’ and liking my content. It takes me ages to decide on an idea – I think that I am so critical of my own ideas and whether people will like them or not. Even my 1 am brainstorming sessions haven’t been working (yes, for some reason I seem to come up with ideas best at 1 am). I found myself scrolling through blog after blog in the hope that I would be inspired for new content. Be inspired. I’ve loved writing my last few posts but I just feel like my blog needs something new.

I’ve gone back to the drawing board and thought about what I have been enjoying rather than ‘I must write a post by Wednesday’. Unfortunately, with the craziness of everyday life, I have found myself some weeks writing posts that I don’t like. Or sometimes, I may like the subject but I don’t like the post. It’s just been more of an effort and I don’t ever want my blog to be like that.

So after a long think, I have a new direction of where I want my blog to go (And I finally some new ideas for posts! I thought of about 8 one morning around 1 am conveniently after my no content panic).

I am so excited to say that the new direction is starting a new mini series and bringing back some Uni life posts.

The new mini-series (eeeeekkkkk)


Most of my PR-related posts are my thoughts for that week. Things that I’ve been wondering about. Things on my mind. A blog is a great way for me to put my thoughts for that week out there. Until I thought, but what do others think about these ideas?

This is where the idea for #ThursdayThought came from. I am quite inquisitive, I can’t help it. I always have questions floating about in my head. So rather than ponder about these thoughts myself, who better to quiz than industry professionals themselves?!

Every Thursday for the next few weeks, I will be quizzing industry professionals and some students on my PR thoughts. Getting other people’s opinions. Giving you all a different outlook on what I am thinking – so basically whether I am making any sense or not.

I have been talking to some amazing industry professionals and I am so excited to share their posts. I have loved talking to them about what I have been thinking and it has been really interesting to hear what they have to say. Subjects including the future of the industry and PR’ing yourself….

So look out for the first post on the 2nd March and here is to #ThursdayThought!


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