Living in halls & a top 10…

Halls 2016 - photo by Lucy Hayball

Moving to University is such a huge decision. It can be so daunting, especially when you find yourself living with around 6 complete strangers in halls or a house. What if I don’t like my flatmates? What if I hate it?

I decided to spend my first year of University in halls, sharing with 4 boys and 2 other girls. I was so nervous about whether I would get on with my flat mates, it was one of my biggest worries about starting University. However, I was lucky enough to get on with my flat mates and couldn’t have wished for better. We have had the best year together with some hilarious memories and I will always remember flat 25.

I feel like my experience of first year was down to being in halls and I am so glad that I chose the halls that I did. Living in halls is an amazing way to meet new people, create new friendships and experience uni life.

This time of year is when many new students moving to University in September will be questioning many things about University life.  I have compiled a list of 10 things that everyone must have experienced (or if you haven’t started Uni yet will very likely experience) in their first year of halls…..or at least Flat 25 did.

  1. At some point very early on in the year boredom will hit. You will get bored to the point that you will find anything to entertain yourself. Top tip: Use the trusty beer pong ball and play keepy uppy using kitchen equipment, trust me it’s a good laugh.
  2. You will find yourself on first name basis or at least very familiar with the staff at the take-away’s from all those trips getting the obligatory drunk chicken nuggets after a night out.
  3. Your flat WILL become a tip, no matter how much you attempt to keep it clean. The novelty will wear off after a few weeks.
  4. Somebody will hurt themselves, very possibly due to alcohol and end up in A&E.
  5. When you move out you will find kitchen utensils and equipment you didn’t even know you owned at the back of the cupboard.
  6. Within the first week of Freshers, one person will forget their limits and barely make it through pre-drinks (Dan, this is you)
  7. You will pester the photographer for a photo in the club thinking you look alright. You will instantly regret that decision come the next morning as you await the photos to be uploaded (me, every time).
  8. You will set the fire alarm off, it’s inevitable. Try not to set the alarm off for the whole building though because a) it’s not fun and b) you will become very unpopular, very quickly.
  9. Someone’s flat will get ruined every time someone decides to host pre-drinks. Most of us would probably sit back and laugh about the state of the place….until it is your flat. Flat 25 was ‘pre-central’ so unfortunately we have had many disasters and our flat looked like a bomb site (our parents joke but it literally is). Beer on the floor, cider on the ceiling, you name it, Flat 25 has had it’s fair share of pre-drink disasters.
  10. Your parents will make a comment about the cleanliness of the flat at least once every time they visit…..just after you have cleaned.

But the best thing about first year is the memories you will create. First year is the best and living in halls just makes the whole experience even better.

Freshers in 2016, you will have a blast.



  1. September 9, 2016 / 4:36 am

    Number 7 made me laugh so much! You are an excellent writer 🙂 I really enjoyed this

    • September 11, 2016 / 11:20 pm

      Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked it ☺️

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