Show fixing – X factor, I’m a Celeb and now The Apprentice. Are we just naive?

Photograph by Lucy Hayball - 2016

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Yes, I’m back on the TV show topic. We love reality TV shows. Time for us to sit on our sofa (in the case of X Factor and I’m a Celeb) and decide the fate of others on TV. We are given the ability to control the way that the programmes operate or at least seek entertainment through others.

But in the few past weeks, we’ve been hit with allegations of fixing behind I’m a Celebrity, The X Factor and The Apprentice. Three of the biggest shows in the U.K. Calendar. Within a short space of time, all three shows have been accused of fixings. X Factor’s Honey G being joined onstage by a ‘stranger’, Nick Hewer’s so called ‘revelations’ about The Apprentice and fixing fears behind the I’m a Celebrity trials joined with claims that Scarlett is receiving more Air time.

So let’s look at each show:

1. X Factor

The X Factor has been running since 2004 and I doubt it will be much of a surprise to anyone that it has ended up on this post. In its 12 years of broadcasting, X Factor has been hit with regular accusations that it is fixed. This hasn’t stopped this year. Especially with new ‘sensation’ Honey G.

This weekend, Honey G was joined on stage by a random man who was then removed by security. I didn’t watch the show, instead I saw it unfold over Twitter and came across this video which made me reconsider things…

It isn’t the first time that X Factor have done something to get people talking (How has Honey G made it this far apart from a humorous angle…?!).

But if everyone is so used to it….why do we still watch the show?

2. I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!

I’m a Celebrity has been running two years longer than the X Factor and has so far seemed to gain fewer accusations for fixing. Until this week.

The Cosmopolitan and The Sun (sorry!) argued that the trials and set up was fixed. Over the past week, viewers have noticed that Scarlett Moffatt gets more airtime than the other contestants. Others have gone as far as to say that Scarlett deliberately says things to get herself airtime whilst others say it is all scripted.

Is it getting like the X Factor….we’ve seen it for so long that we are now sure it is fixed??

3. The Apprentice

I am talking about this show again but it has also come under fire this week. After a discussion with Nick Hewer, The Apprentice’s credibility was pulled into the limelight.

The other week, Nick Hewer (Lord Sugar’s old aide) gave a talk at the Oxford Union and was pulled aside by a journalist from The Sun. Allegations against the show were apparently made that claimed the producers pressure Lord Sugar into who he will fire.

An article from BT explains the situation well…..

Having these three shows critiqued in one week made me think – is the society we live in so constructed in a way that everything and anything we see is created for us? Created to make us think and feel in a certain way. Are we shielded from pure, stripped back reality TV?

It then leads me to think why is it that producers feel the need to fix programmes. I can see the need – they want the highest viewings and to get people talking, I get that….But we are all now so aware. Social Media is so much bigger than it was 5 or more years ago. We can engage in conversations with others instantly and we speak up now more than we used to. More organisations are turning to social media as their main way to talk to us.

So should we just accept it? Accept the fact that much of what we watch is fixed? If we do, where do we draw the line? We don’t know for sure if these shows are fixed but why do they come across to us so fixed?

I’m really intrigued to know what people think about this?

A big thought for a Wednesday evening but it is something that I have been thinking about for a while!

Luce xo


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