#Startingout: Career profile with Marcel Klebba

#Startingout: Career profile with Marcel Klebba

Welcome back to another interview in the #Startingout series. A set of interviews with recent graduates sharing their experiences, giving tips and guidance on starting your career after University.

#Startingout career profile with Marcel Klebba

Marcel is an account executive at Metia in London. He graduated two years ago from the University of Westminster with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising and stayed in London to start his career. Alongside his job, Marcel has been running his award winning blog for over two years, recently named as a top 10 PR blog 2019 by Vuelio.

I first came across Marcel through the PR student blogging community and his journey has inspired a number of students, including myself.

So, how did he start out in the industry and what has he learnt along the way….
LE: Following on from our last interview (Two years ago..!), what made you go into PR after you graduated?

Marcel: I loved the idea of having a creative job — and I studied PR. I’ve learnt a lot through blogging about the industry and people that I’ve met on my way inspired me to become a public relations practitioner.

LE: What do you enjoy most about working in PR?

Marcel: Its variety. In the morning you could be solving challenges of the client applying artificial intelligence to financial solutions, only to be writing content for a company providing mobile software solution in the afternoon.

LE: What industry do you work in now and what kind of things do you do?

Marcel: Mainly tech, including financial technology (or fintech), and also corporate PR. I’d do anything from setting up media interviews and building relationship with journalists to attending client calls, and brainstorming ideas for the upcoming campaigns.

LE: How and when did you find your first graduate job?

Marcel: I’ve had my first PR role lined up a few weeks before I handed in my dissertation. I got it through the mix of blogging, networking and being brave enough to reach out to senior practitioners.

LE: If you could go back to yourself in final year, what tips would you give yourself / what would you tell yourself?

Marcel: Enjoy uni while it lasts. Also, don’t overthink stuff and just keep yourself busy.

LE: What is the biggest lesson or challenge you’ve learnt or come across since leaving University?

Marcel: Blogging and content creation can help you get ahead. That’s one of the reasons why together with Stephen Waddington, my long-time mentor and now boss, we founded Comms School — Facebook community, where we run a series of webinars for students and teach practical skills you need to start blogging.

LE: Who inspires you?

Marcel: There’s too many to name here. But Sam Howard gave me my first proper PR job and taught me basics of the craft. Stephen Waddington inspired me to start blogging. Ella Minty was always giving me good advice. But I’m also inspired and try to learn from the industry colleagues. Not forgetting, I always learn something from the student bloggers such as yourself.


“I’ve learnt a lot through blogging about the industry and people that I’ve met on my way inspired me to become a public relations practitioner”
Marcel Klebba, Account executive, Metia


I definitely agree with the last point Marcel made, the people you come across in this amazing industry inspire you to become better and I learn so much from them, whether that is academics, students or practitioners.

Thank you Marcel for taking part and sharing your experience this week!

Be sure to follow Marcel on Twitter. You can also find him on LinkedIn. And definitely check out his amazing blog! If you feel like you want to get blogging, be sure to join the #CommsSchool community and have a go at writing yourself.

Stay tuned for next week’s interview!

Luce x


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