One week at Weber-Shandwick: Never stop learning

I have somehow managed to keep this fairly quiet so I have some news! This week, I was lucky enough to be offered an opportunity to spend the week with the Weber-Shandwick tech team in London. For those of you who don’t know, Weber-Shandwick is one of the world’s leading global Public Relations firms with offices all around the world. They are an all round amazing agency, winning many brilliant awards such as the Cannes Lions. We always talk about them at University but never in a million years did I think I would be good enough to walk through the doors (I don’t really believe in myself haha). But this week I did. This week I walked through those doors for 5 days and joined the most amazing team. I can’t believe the week is over already – it has gone too fast but what an incredible experience. So what was my experience like? I don’t know what I really expected on my first day. All I had to compare it to was one other agency that I did work experience at. For some reason, I presumed that being such a large agency, it would be really corporate and I was so scared of two things. Number One: I would make an absolute idiot out of myself (perfectly likely to happen). Number Two: As they are so good at what they do, what if I can’t do what they ask? So to put it lightly, I was incredibly nervous.…

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London Interviews: The good, bad and the ugly

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Week 1 – worth it or not?

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