Back to student life – has placement helped?

I guess when you go on placement you don’t think about how different things will be when you go back to University, it’s not the first thing on your mind. My housemate and I knew it would be a struggle going back to University after placement considering how much we loved working over essay deadlines (sorry Joyce) but I hadn’t considered how weird it would feel. By the time I finished interning in the summer, I had been in 9-5 full-time employment for the longest time in my long 21 years of life (scary, hey). I’d gone straight into an internship from second year, into placement followed by another internship squeezed in at the end. And yes, whilst the transition from a student to an employee was a big one, I’d never really considered that the transition the other way would be that difficult. ‘Enjoy final year, you’ll miss student life once it’s gone’ Going back to student life has been weird. Going from your attendance needed every day, money every month, employee perks to max 12 hours of contact a week, no money and student discount being my biggest perk you could say it’s a tad different. So much spare time. I think that has been the weirdest thing. I only actually moved into Uni properly two weeks ago but I did feel incredibly lost at the start of this year. It kind of felt like I was on a long break from work and I’d be going back eventually. Having no…

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