One year at L’Oréal – end of an era

One whole year at L’Oréal done. One whole year completed. And what a year it has been. It’s hard to believe I walked through those doors one whole year ago. I was three weeks out of University, had just finished an internship the week before and ready for a new challenge. I thought I had an idea of what to expect, what things could be like and how the year might go. But realistically, it is so hard to prepare for a placement year like this. Leaving the structure and constant assessment of University and going straight into a global organisation three weeks later where change is constantly happening and you need to hit the ground running is a lot to take in. I didn’t realise how much I needed this year until a few months ago. It has genuinely been one of the best years of my life. And that’s not to say it has the best thing ever ever ever and I had nothing negative to say or it was perfect the whole year through because that wouldn’t be real or true. But it is funny how a single experience like this can change you. Change the way you see the world and yourself. I’ve found a different side to myself this year that I hadn’t seen before. I finally have started to believe in myself and seen where I want to be first hand. The person walking out of the building is a completely different one to…

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Placement diaries: Making the most of it all

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