Guest Post: What ‘Being Young and Twenty’ means to me

Lucy Hayball,, 2017

Recently, I was asked by Jennifer at YoungandTwenty to describe what ‘Being Young and Twenty’ meant to me. Read the post here and I will expand upon it below…..

I had never really considered what ‘Being Young and Twenty’ meant to me until the past few weeks. It’s just an age, right? That’s what I thought until I properly thought about it.

Moving from your teens to your twenties is quite a scary thing. I got to my late teens and thought I knew so much about the world and my future. We all have our own ideas about what life will be like at 20. You don’t imagine not being friends with your best friend, living in a different place, taking a different path. Just thinking life will be the same. I had always imagined that by 20 (It’s ok to laugh) I would be in a serious relationship, in a good, stable job and experienced so much. University was never an option but it seems to have changed my life onto such a positive path already.

Approaching my twenties has opened my eyes to what I want. I’ve not had the easiest few years, life sometimes takes us down a different path. But I’ve decided that now is the time to live life and discover who I am.

I’ve spent most of my teens comparing myself to others and feeling like I have something to prove. Being scared of not achieving or not being somebody (In some cases it has been a motivator..!). When really, being young is all about being you. To stop comparing and just enjoy being you.

Don’t get me wrong, it is hard to do that. But at the end of the day, life is no competition. The thing about being twenty is that things will happen at different times for different people. It’s a time to just enjoy being young. To make memories, to do things you’ve always wanted to do and to just be you.

The first year of my twenties will be spent on a placement year in London. I’ve been dreaming of this for a while and in four months, it will become real. I will go armed with a bucket list of things I want to do in my year of living in London. A whole year, an incredible experience. What better way to start off your twenties?

‘Being Twenty’ is a weird concept to get your head around. Everyone will have their own viewpoint or opinion. It’s taken me a while to even expand upon my guest post. In some ways, it’s just a way of looking into the future and seeing what you want. Turning twenty doesn’t mean that I will transform into a new person. It just means I’m going to embrace things more. I’ve looked at it all from a different perspective.


What being young and twenty means to me


‘Being Young and Twenty’ is the time for me to experience the world. It is a time for seeing what is out there. To do the things that I have always wanted to do. To be spontaneous.  The time to make mistakes and learn about myself. To find out what I believe in and what I want.

And if I don’t manage to be spontaneous or do all the things I’ve wanted to, it really doesn’t matter. Because ‘Being Young and Twenty’ is really just about being happy and making the most of life.

What does ‘Being Young and Twenty’ mean or did mean to you? It’s an open question to anybody of any age!


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Thank you to Jennifer for creating such a lovely website and inviting me to add to it!