Student Survival Guide: First year of uni. Part one.

Let’s face it, there’s going to be more than one part to this post over time. I’ve got plenty of ‘experiences’ to share with you all. September 2016 was the month many 18+ year olds left their parents and headed off into the grand land of independence that is Uni living. Straight into high heels, copious amounts of alcohol, late nights and *lots and lots of studying (there you go parents and lecturers reading this). Independence, doing what you want, when you want. Perfect. But very soon the novelty wears off when you’re sat there craving Mum’s roast dinner with a pile of dirty clothes and no money. The realisation sets in that you have to pay for cleaning products?! Pay for toilet roll?! Pay to do washing?! Uni is an incredible experience, but after talking to some freshers I’ve decided to start a Student Survival Guide. I’ll add bits to it over the academic year in separate posts but here’s the first three instalments – enjoy! Survival tip no.1 – dealing with flatmates Do try to get on with everyone, but don’t try to be someone else to fit in. You aren’t going to get on with everyone. Living with complete strangers can be really hard at first and leave you with a flat divide over ‘who was meant to take the bins out’ or ‘who ate my cheese?!’. At the end of the day it’ll be what it’ll be. Just don’t create a whole situation out of something little,…

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When things don’t go as planned….

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