Placement Diaries: Reaching the 6 month mark

Placement Diaries: Reaching the 6 month mark

So there we have it, 6 months down, 6 months to go. Halfway through the best year of my life so far. I’ve learnt more than I thought possible but it’s been filled with the best friendships, memories and learnings I will remember forever.

One year ago today

Thanks to Timehop this morning I realised that a whole year ago today I found out that I got this job. How crazy is that? A year ago my confidence was at a really low point and I didn’t believe that this kind of thing would happen to me. I spent any free time trawling through career sites, staring at my CV, practising endless tests and more just hoping for that one phone call and opportunity. Time has flown by since I got that phone call and I am now six months into a job that I absolutely love. I’ve grown so much in myself and I feel so lucky for that. It’s so weird to think that other students are now also going through the whole application process. I met my potential replacement the other day – it only feels like yesterday I walked through those doors for my first day…’s going to be hard to make me leave!

Finally a placement update

We are now in mid-December and I am finally getting around to writing another placement update. For some reason, I thought that things would slow down around Christmas time but it feels like its been the opposite. Christmas has crept up on me way too fast and here I am one week before having a major panic over all the presents I am still yet to buy. Nice one Luce.

Beauty Breakfasts and brand events

At the beginning of last month, I was invited to my first ‘Beauty Breakfast’ in central London all about the industry on Instagram. Anyone who knows me will know that social media fascinates me so this kind of talk was right up my street! It’s always great to hear about trends and industry findings – it helps so much to understand the industry and what is happening in it. Plus, on top of the talk, there was breakfast and a view so I was pretty happy! A few weeks later I also got to go Stylist Live with one of the brands I work on giving skincare consultations whilst talking to people about the brand. Only 6 months ago I knew nothing about skincare and now I’m at a stage where I can recommend products to people – it’s nice to be able to go out and do this kind of thing. It’s so easy to stay behind my desk imagining the kind of people who buy the products but actually talking to customers helps to understand the brand so much better. I also got a chance to see a PR event from the ‘other side’ too – one of the girls on my team was invited to a PR launch event as an influencer so invited me along. It was a bit weird at first but so nice to see the other side as I’ve only been on the PR side so far!

And then we also had a launch event for one of the brands that I work on. I don’t think I could ever get bored of events, I get so excited when I can go to one! We were launching a new product so I got to see it being unveiled to press and influencers whilst talking to them about the brand and new launch. Events like this are so good to meet press and influencers who are interested in the brand and network with them. It’s great to see how they are run – I say ‘it’s great’ like I’ve been to loads, I’ve only been to four but I’ve loved each one so much. I love the whole event set up and being able to talk about the brands – my parents did always say that I could talk for England so I guess it fits quite well!


Christmas party season

It’s that time of year. An excuse to get dressed up and celebrate with the people you’ve got to know so well. This year was my first ‘proper’ office Christmas party and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve said in another blog post before about how lucky I feel to work with such lovely people and this could not be truer. We went to a venue in Chelsea with just our division and it was so nice to have fun with everyone outside of the office. I was lucky enough to have two parties this year, one with the division and then another with the rest of the L’Oréal interns across the business so we had two chances to dress up all nice!

‘So you just go to events?’

I feel like these placement updates have gone a bit rogue recently. They were originally meant to be an insight into ‘being an intern’ but they currently paint a beautiful picture of my life which includes wine, socialising and events…..yeah I’ve definitely picked the best bits to share on here. Being a PR intern most certainly has its perks! But really, it is such an interesting job. Once again I was drowning in boxes last week (so bad people looked at me, laughed and walked away) and spent two hours sorting through it all whilst other days I could be sat sorting through coverage or excel spreadsheets for hours. But that’s what I love about my job, it’s so diverse. Each day is different but I really love each thing I do and each thing I get involved in.

“It’s completely different to what I had imagined”

It’s weird because even though I’ve studied PR for two years and had two small internships I don’t think I ever spent long enough or could completely understand what the industry was or what it does. It’s completely different to what I had imagined and I definitely needed a longer stint of experience to begin to understand. Obviously, each part of PR will be slightly different whether that’s Consumer, Beauty, Tech etc but I think I’ve fallen in love with Beauty PR. It truly is an amazing industry that I am blessed to be working in. I feel so lucky that I can say I do what I do. I’ve learnt so much about myself and PR since being here and I learn something new each day. From the outside, I never thought I would fit in or be able to do it. I mean, it’s probably the confidence part striking again but it really is the most uplifting industry. My confidence in myself has grown so much in 6 months compared to the last few years and I thank each and every person for playing their part in that and the industry for helping me grow within myself. I’m so proud to be where I am and to have come this far. There’s still a marathon of a way to go but I’m so grateful for this opportunity. (Nothing like a cheesy child photo to add a bit of feeling to this post is there?!)



Month six, completed

So there we have it, I can pretty much say I have done half my placement. Next week it is Christmas and with 2018 fast approaching behind it, everything seems to be going so fast! I know for sure I’ll be making the most of each day from here on in so here’s to the next 6 months, Happy Christmas all!


Luce x

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