Student Survival Guide Part Three: Cooking

Student Survival Guide Part Three: Cooking

Food. It is what a student’s life revolves around (well, and the other obvious one..!!). Our parents always think that we have paid attention to their cooking tips, but in reality who knows what will happen when you are left to your own devices. We’ve all stood there staring into mid-air thinking about our plans tomorrow whilst muttering ‘yes Mum I know how to cook this’. I mean who even has time to cook a full on meal..??

University is an experience which brings together people from up and down the country. But nothing is more fascinating than seeing a range of food and cooking habits. I’m being serious. Some of this is down to laziness, ok but the great thing about being a student is the fact that anything goes.

You could head down to the kitchen at 2 am and start eating cheese from the block, cook yourself a fry-up, have some cheeky chicken nuggets or even grab a beer just because you can. In student life, anything goes. This is all great until you see or hear about a food habit that is just not ok in your eyes.

Since writing this post, I have discovered a huge divide amongst UK students. A divide that I never knew existed. So what is this you wonder….

Should cereal be warmed or not in the microwave?

I had genuinely never heard of this controversy before, but it seems to divide students. If you haven’t approached the subject yet, do it and find out!

Cereal should not be warmed up in my opinion. But at the end of the day if you want to warm your cereal up, then do so. At least you can ‘cook’ this marvellous concoction. Whilst each house or flat will (potentially!) have one Gordon Ramsay, there will also be many ‘Not-so-Gordon-Ramsay’s’. We were made aware of our ‘Not-so-Gordon-Ramsay’ in first year when I was woken at 3 am by the security guard when my flatmate decided to cook pizza for 3 and a half hours…yes, you can imagine how that one turned out. But then again, burning food at any point during University is quite a common occurrence. So are the questions on how to cook something. Each time, the question greeted with ‘ah just shove it in the oven for 20 minutes and see how it turns out’. I am so surprised that more of us haven’t come down with food poisoning. It’s a minor miracle.

By the time you get to second year, most of us have mastered the art of al-dente pasta and the perfect crispy pizza. And if you haven’t, there is still time yet. Second year does bring out some Gordon Ramsay’s from previous ‘Not-so-Gordon-Ramsay’s’ though. Maybe our parents shouldn’t worry about us so much more anymore. The previous first year student has evolved to a self-sufficient professional pasta maker.

So for anybody starting University this September, this is for you:

I may suggest knowing how to work an oven before you start Uni 😉 Maybe even have some staples that you can rely on (it sounds like a joke, I know, but it really isn’t when the whole block gets evacuated because you’ve burnt your chicken). But if you really can take on Gordon Ramsay then help others out yeah 😉

Pushing all jokes and stereotypes aside, there are serious chefs at University. Some people can really cook. We aren’t all hopeless, honest 🙂

Just don’t expect extravagant meals. We are students, don’t forget. The great thing is, anything goes. So if you want a roast at 2 am….why not??