End of Year 2: new beginnings

End of Year 2: new beginnings

It has been crazy but I have finally come to the end of my second year at University – what a year. It has been crazy, busy and extremely difficult at times but one of the most rewarding years of education I think I have had. But what is next?

I do have a plan – don’t fret!

As some of you may or not be aware of, my degree is a sandwich degree and therefore, I will be spending a year working in my industry. Today, I move to London ready to start my placement year. I have been lucky enough to secure a PR & Comms placement with L’Oreal UK & I. I cannot wait to join the team and see what working in an in-house team is like – my last work experience was agency so I will be interested to see the differences! And seeing as I had a spare week before I start, I have managed to squeeze an extremely exciting internship in just before I start. It is an incredible opportunity so stay tuned for more…

I might not have a summer but I am excited to see what the future holds during these internships I have lined up. Seeing as I am now moving on to a new beginning, I decided to write a few tips for anyone going into second year. This is similar to my ‘Second Year Truths post but I thought I would re-write the list now I am at the end with my top 5……

  1. It’s not first year anymore – things are getting serious

As hard as it is to appreciate, second year matters. You aren’t a little fresher anymore! The grades matter so you may need to spend more time doing work than as many nights out haha.

      2. Make the most of the opportunities

This is always a weird one to say to people. But a degree is only three years of academic study. University is filled with a wide range of opportunities so don’t be afraid to take the them – you never know where they may lead. They may even create conversations in interviews and make you stand out!

      3. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

This links a lot to the previous point (and is something I am still learning myself!) but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. It could lead to some amazing opportunities and if not that then some amazing memories. I have had to step out of my comfort zone a lot this year and I am so glad that I did.

      4. Have a goal in mind

I’m not going to lie, sometimes student life does have its lows. But I found it so important to have a goal in mind. It helped to motivate me and something to look forward to. I always work better with a goal in mind!

      5. Let yourself grow

I think this is the biggest thing for me this year. I am leaving second year a completely different person to which I started. I tend to tell myself that things happen for a reason. I strongly believe that everything that has happened during my second year has been for a reason. It is so important to let yourself grow. So important to find the things that interest you and make the most of it. Moving to London won’t be easy, but those closest to me have been more supportive than I could have hoped for. It is a huge step but one that will help me to be closer to where I want to be. I am so proud that I have the confidence to do this. A few years ago, I wouldn’t even pick up a phone to talk to people.

So let yourself grow. Immerse yourself in experiences. And do things for yourself.

       6. Enjoy it

Regardless of what anybody says, just enjoy it. Everyone has their own take on their University experience. It is different for everyone, this is just my take! So just enjoy it. Make memories and the most of being a student. It has hit me that I only have *technically* two years left of being classed as a ‘student’…!

Here is to the next year and new beginnings! And here is to me getting back into the blogging swing of things!

Happy Sunday!

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