Wiltshire, oh Wiltshire

Wiltshire, oh Wiltshire

I was lucky enough to be able to finally go back home for a few days last week. I’ve missed everyone loads so even if it was for two days it was so nice to finally be back! Seeing as Autumn is my favourite season and I’ve just been home I thought a post like this would be good!

It’s one of those things you learn to accept at uni. Either people will have no idea where you live or they’ll have a completely wrong perception of where you live.

I don’t live that far from University, only about an hour and a half drive away but whenever I mention I am from Wiltshire, people automatically seem to think I live on a farm with a tractor just outside. This really isn’t the case so instead I say ‘I’m from a small town just outside of Bath’. Trust me, it saves a lot of explaining.

(If you do know this area, I am aware Bath is in Somerset but I’m from near the border!)

Wiltshire is one of those counties that you don’t appreciate until you leave. This post is a little list of some of my favourite things about living in Wiltshire!

The beautiful countryside

So just to clear it up, yes I live in the ‘country’. No, that doesn’t literally mean I live on a farm. It just means that I live in a countryside town. Yes, a town with actual people. However, there still is beautiful countryside on the outskirts. There are lovely scenic walks and canal paths to entertain you for days. Photos will never do the views justice. Nothing beats a autumn walk!Photo by Lucy Hayball

The White Horse

It’s kind of a continuation from the last point but I felt it deserved its own point as this place is one of my favourites. I am lucky enough to live near to the Westbury White Horse. There is nothing I love more than driving up here on a summer’s evening to watch the sun set. It’s a great place to just sit back and think.

Photo by Lucy HayballPhoto by Lucy Hayball

Living near Bath

Being from a small town, there isn’t a lot around apart from a gazillion charity shops and takeaway’s. If you want to go on a shopping spree or a good night out, the best place to go is Bath. Not only for the shops but it’s a beautiful city with lots of hidden gems.

The cute country stuff (farm shops)

Sometimes, you’ve got to embrace the countryside. The best part of living in Wiltshire is the cute farm shops and country styles. Stereotypically, I work at a farm shop just over the border in Somerset. It embraces everything about living in the country and I love the whole image!


Longleat is also one of those things you hardly appreciate until people say ‘Oh I love Longleat’ or ‘I’ve always wanted to go’. My earliest memory there has to be my childhood favourite activity of going around Postman Pat’s village (lol, I know). I haven’t actually been in ages but it’s a real perk of little old Wiltshire! I don’t have any good pictures as I haven’t been in a while but this is a photo from Heavens Gate. It looks out onto the Longleat estate and if you look close enough you can see Longleat House in the background!

Photo by Lucy Hayball

 Centre Parcs

I live nearby to a Centre Parcs. For those of you who don’t know what one of these are – it’s a holiday village. This one is nestled away in the Longleat Forest. It’s not your typical holiday village, being nestled in a forest means it has a lovely country feel to it. It’s got a beautiful spa, water park, outdoor activities, indoor activities, the nicest food outlets and more. It was always so cool to go there as a child!

Claim to fame – Zoella, Harry Potter & Stonehenge

Wiltshire actually has a few claims to fame! Zoella lived a few villages away from me, Harry Potter was filmed in Lacock and we have one an ancient wonder of the world too – Stonehenge!

Salisbury Cathedral

This was one of those places I’ve only really discovered and valued recently. Salisbury Cathedral is beautiful, set in a lovely city. It looks incredible this time of the year with the autumnal leaves around.

Photo by Lucy Hayball

There is so much more to Wiltshire but these are some of my favourites. All in all, it’s not a bad place. The people there aren’t too bad too 😉

Luce xo