The final decision – masters, travelling or a job?

Growing up has all been for this moment. The moment when I leave education and enter the big world of work. It is a moment that has always seemed so far into the future but it is now fast approaching. The day I (hopefully..!) get to put on that gown and cap will be one of the proudest moments of my life. There have been plenty of stepbacks so prepare for many photos on Instagram, I’m sure of that. In a matter of months, I will no longer be a student. Instead, for the first time in 18 years, I will be out of education and an actual adult going into my first graduate job. Real life starts here. There might be hundreds of thousands of people who do this every, single year and are absolutely fine. That doesn’t seem to make it any less daunting every time someone asks me what my plans for the future are though – oh the perks of being in final year hey?! It has got to that stage where each person I speak to has a different view on what my future will look like and what I should do – what a way to make this more confusing. ‘Oh no, don’t do that you’ll get a better experience at xxx’ ‘Do this first or you’ll regret it’ ‘Don’t go travelling, no one will employ you’ ‘Is PR even what you want to do? Have you thought about moving to xxx?’ ‘Do / don’t go…

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