Life update: Back to Uni & placement searches!

As this blog is called ‘Life of a PR student’ I thought I should update you lovely readers on my life! So, summer is over πŸ™ I can happily say that this summer has been the best so far. I’ve achieved more than I could have imagined and it was a nice way to unwind after a crazy year. But for now, it’s time for me to head back to books and lots and lots of work. It’s back to uni time. Second year calls for double the work and placement searches! My degree is a sandwich course which means that I spend my third year working in industry for a year. This means that I need to find an agency or company who will take me on for 30 weeks! I know I am really interested in Consumer PR and I want to be in London so who knows where I will end up! Even though I want to be in London I need to apply for ones at home, just incase! I’ve got my eye on a few agencies already so I am in the process of contacting them. I’m desperate to get a placement that I really want so I am looking and applying early! I’m not going to get my hopes up too early, somebody in the year above said they filled out 30 applications..! I’ve moved into a house this time, not in halls any more! It’s a really weird feeling being in a house with just three…

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When things don’t go as planned….

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