London Interviews: The good, bad and the ugly

Finding a placement year is a really weird concept to get your head around. You apply for jobs but in those early stages it seems so far away, not quite real, after all they don’t start until summer next year. It was only the other day that I took a step back and thought, this is actually happening. In a years time, I could be doing my dream job. Actually doing it. The past few weeks, I have had the incredible opportunity of interviewing with two global giants and a high profile agency. Two of the biggest brands in the world. Two organisations at the forefront of our society and who we interact with on a daily basis, sometimes without realising. And a brilliant agency who do some incredible creative work for huge clients. I was lucky enough to reach stage 3/4 for one and the final stage of the other. I missed out on the final stage of one but I only left with positive feedback. I recently took part in the final stage of another process. However, the point of this post is that they have both been incredible experiences that I feel so grateful to have had. It has really opened my eyes to the opportunities out there. It’s given me such a confidence boost and although I missed out on the final stage of one, I’ve learnt so much. These interview processes have been the first the first since I got my first job at 16 (..!). Looking back over the…

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Week 2 – the confidence builder

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Week 1 – worth it or not?

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