Keeping it real: trends to watch out for in 2019

Another week, another influencer marketing post for you all! This one is looking into the future and what trends we might see this year. Woah, hold up, say all that again? Around the start of every year, you will find people predicting where they think the industry will go and what might happen. I’ve never really done a predictions post before and in all honesty, it is a tricky one. The industry moves so fast and I am so new to it to be able to predict what I think may happen. So instead, I’ve had a good read and rounded up a few 2019 trends from others that got my brain going! Micro Influencers I briefly spoke about this in my last post about Fyre Festival but the topic of micro-influencers has been discussed a lot in the articles I’m reading. We know influencer marketing works but at what point does one influencer become more credible or authentic than another? A micro influencer (the definition can vary, the one I read for this article was from Forbes) is someone with anything from 10,000 to 100,000 followers. These people tend to have more engaged followers and it is a question (especially following the Fyre Festival) as to whether these type of influencers will become the authentic way to be doing influencer marketing in 2019. Will we see more of these individuals this year? Will these be the individuals that are partnering with brands as opposed to the ones with huge followings?…

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The final decision – masters, travelling or a job?

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#ThursdayThought on the future of PR with Molly …

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