GLAMOUR magazine – leading the way to a digital future?

Digital has changed the way we live our lives, there’s no denying it. It is part of our everyday. You take a trip on the tube and most people there will have headphones in, staring at a screen (I’m normally one of them). Take a walk down the street and it will probably look the same. Most people have a smartphone now. We bank on them, they remind us of things, wake us up in the morning, hold important medical data, send us news real time, let us stream music & TV, allow us to talk to people across the world, capture memories and a whole lot more on one single device. It was only the other day my housemates were saying they find most of their celebrity news through Snapchat. How many people have an Amazon Alexa or Google home now? We can get pretty much anything we could possibly need in life (literally) on Amazon. You get my drift. And whilst that is all great, there are many downsides to this. Some industries have really struggled to keep up and adapt. Most magazine and news titles are online now, we have everything at our fingertips. Readership in previously popular titles has declined whilst society navigates its way through this digital age. We’ve seen a rise of influencers sharing products and reviews, real time. I still love picking up a magazine and losing myself for half an hour in it but the reality is, we are in a time of change. We…

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#StopFundingHate – the end of hate news?

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Fake news and the social media trap

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