Semester two: dissertation and staying motivated

Sometimes I feel like the number of people who go to University every year almost makes getting a degree ‘look easy’. So many people graduate each year that it seems so simple. Move away and study for three to four years and you’ll be able to sport the gown and hat, no problems at all. I know I fell into that trap when applying. In the sense that I knew it was going to be hard work but probably underestimated how much hard work was needed. I don’t want that to make me look bad either, I just think we are all a bit naive at eighteen years old. There were plenty of other factors that made me want to continue studying after A levels for a degree, plenty. And social media doesn’t exactly make that much easier. Constant photos of people at Uni having fun, out every week with the occasional Instagram / Snapchat story at the library featuring a Starbucks – easy right?! Then again, are you really going to put up a story every time you’re sat at your laptop? Probably not. This degree has most definitely been a journey. Somehow, we are now in semester two which can only mean one thing, it is the final push to the end. My journey is nearing the finishing line. Pretty scary stuff. I’ve gone from 10 hours a week to four (yes you read that right, I’m timetabled in four hours a week) with the delightful introduction of my…

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1 year of blogging: Best PR Student Blogger 2017

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#ThursdayThought – Where my motivation comes from

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#ThursdayThought – Why would you want to become ‘the …

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My second year truths

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