#ThursdayThought – Where my motivation comes from

This week’s post is quite a personal one. It’s been one that has been due to go up for a while, each time not posting it for various reasons. But realistically, this blog is my personal journey so I feel that it fits. For those who know me, I am quite a proactive person. That is just who I am. So because of this, I am often asked what motivates me. How and why I am so motivated towards my future. This kind of question goes deeper than a standard response. Seeing as I am being asked this a lot and this blog is helping my future, I thought I would address it in a post….Address my motivation and reflect back on where I think it comes from…. Sometimes, things in life happen that we don’t understand. Some happen when we are young, some when we are older. Things which throw us off the path we had envisioned. Unsettle dynamics. Take us out of our everyday routine and stop us. They happen and some stick around. I’m not going to go into details about the situation behind my motivation because that is too much for this blog. But the thing is, nothing can prepare you for seeing a parent or a family member ill. It completely changes things. We all have an idea in our heads of how we will deal with tricky situations like these, but the reality is, you can’t prepare or know how you will be when it…

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#ThursdayThought – Why would you want to become ‘the …

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My second year truths

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