Life Update: Deadlines, placement and ‘the art of making it’

Firstly, apologies for the late post…! Things just got in the way but Monday’s delayed post is finally here…. I haven’t done a life update in a while so I thought that this post was needed! I am currently sat in my University library drowning in deadlines. Drowning in deadlines whilst holding on to the fact that it is Easter in just two days time. Just two days…..I have found myself situated back in the library….you know I am manic when I seem to live here. But it will all be worth it in the end! This year is going so fast. After Easter, I only have three weeks of second year and exams left. It is crazy to think that I am so close to starting my placement now. It still hasn’t sunk in that it is now in TWO MONTHS. My dream will actually become a reality in TWO MONTHS. It was only the other week that my Timehop reminded me that it was a year ago since I went to the PRCA Careers in PR event in London. That is where it all started and a year later I am almost ready to start my placement in London. In PR. Ahhhhh! It’s that semester when people are starting to panic about not having a placement. Quite a few times, I have been asked ‘how do I get a placement?’. From writing this blog and expressing my love for the industry, I guess that I seem to come across as somebody who ‘knows…

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