A letter to my first-year self – what my degree hasn’t taught me

No matter how excited I am to start my career and finish University, there is a part of me that is almost sad I’m leaving a large part of my life behind. I started University four years ago in September (which makes me feel really old) and when I sat in my very first lecture on my first day I really wasn’t sure where my future was headed and where my degree could take me. I had a million thoughts going around my head, have I just signed up for four years of education in a subject I might not work in? Have I gone too niche? Am I cut out for a degree? Am I good enough for PR? I guess they are all normal thoughts on the very first day of University though, I would be surprised if any 18 year-old has their life plan sorted on the first day. In reality, I did not know what to expect on that first day, let alone the weeks and months to come. I knew what PR was to some extent (I could have known more) and I was so interested in the content on offer but I had no idea of how broad the industry was and where it could take me. I knew I was interested in media communications and thought PR was the one for me but oh how much I still had to learn. Approaching the four-year mark means that there have been a lot of…

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2019: The year everything changes

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