Week 2 – the confidence builder

Week 2 – the confidence builder

So with no time at all, I am at the end of week 2. It’s actually really sad to think that I only have a week left here. I have had the most amazing two weeks at Frank and I really don’t want it to end. The people, the environment and the work I am doing, I love it all.

For me, I feel like last week was my preparation week. It was time to build up my confidence, get to know everyone and the way it all works. This meant that this week I could really get into the work more and feel even more comfortable at the office. I’ve started to get to know everyone a lot better and don’t feel like ‘the new girl’ (even though I am!).  This second week has flown by, I haven’t had a time where there hasn’t been much to do. It’s been a crazy week with many calls to journalists for more than one client, making media lists, doing research and sending lots of emails! My work hours are 9:30 until 6 which seems crazily long but it flies by and before I know it, it is time to go again. 

I also lent a hand on reception this week. This meant that I got to know the range of clients a lot better and that I could work on my phone skills at the same time. The other good thing was that I could get to know another part of the office and talk to different people!

A big perk of this week has to be the football. Yes, the football. For those who know me, this may seem a bit of a weird comment. However, many of the men at the office are football fanatics and this meant that all our attention would be devoted to the game. This devotion to the game also meant a group viewing in the board room accompanied with Domino’s and chocolate – I mean, would anyone complain at that?!

Without ‘bigging myself up’ or anything, it’s always nice to know if you are doing a good job. Even just for the fact that you haven’t done anything drastically wrong yet! This week, I have had a few people come up to me and say how well I have been doing. It may sound weird but for me, having a professional saying you are doing well is really nice. It’s given me that extra bit of confidence in the fact that I can do this and I am actually doing ok.

Yes, it may only be work experience but this week has really boosted my confidence in the fact that this is what I want to do and one day I will make it to where I want to be.

Luce xo


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